In order to rent out your leasehold property, you need to ensure that you comply with any specific requirements contained within the property lease.

Leases can include a requirement to obtain permission to Sublet and/or Register each Tenancy Agreement.  Where your lease contains such requirements, it is essential that you comply within any specified time frame.

Sublet Application

We offer a simple Application process for all sublet requirements.  If we have sent you an Application Form, please complete the relevant Sections and sign and return this to us promptly.

For more information or to request an Application Form, please contact our Sublet Team.  Applications can be e-mailed to you if you go paperless.


Most leases contain either a requirement to obtain the Landlord's Consent before subletting, or for Notice of any Subletting arrangement to be provided to the Landlord within 28 days.  Many leases contain both clauses.

If you are uncertain as to the specific requirements affecting your property, please review your lease or seek independent advice.

We will only issue an Application Form to property owners whose lease includes specific requirements in relation to subletting, and our Application should be quick and easy to complete.

Please contact us to request an Application Form.

We aim to process all completed Applications within 14 days of receipt.  You can monitor progress by checking your online Tenant Portal account.

Payment of our fee can be made by using the "Make a payment" option, and you can see whether your cheque has been processed by using the "History" page.

Our Sublet Application forms are straightforward, meaning you do not need to employ your own solicitor during this process.

However, if you are uncertain as to any of the requirements contained within your lease, you should consider seeking independent advice.

Please complete and sign the relevant Sections of the Application Form.  Your completed Application should then be sent to the e-mail address noted therein.

Upon receipt of your completed Application, we will update our records accordingly.  We may contact you periodically to ascertain whether the occupancy status at the property has changed.

You should complete and sign our Application Form and return this to us at the e-mail address noted therein.

Please forward a copy of any existing Consent Certificate and we will review and update our database accordingly.

It should be noted that an historic Certificate does not negate the need to register each new subletting arrangement, where this is required by the Lease.

The specific requirements contained within your Lease must be adhered to, regardless of the type of mortgage you have in place.
If you are uncertain as to any of the legal obligations contained therein, please contact our Sublet Team or seek independent advice.